Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Shotgun Slade Collection - Classic TV from Nostalgia Merchant

The Nostalgia Merchant is getting ready to release several new western TV collections including The Shotgun Slade Collection. This collection will include 16 full-length episodes starring Scott Brady as western freelance detective Sam "Shotgun" Slade (must've been a take off on Sam Spade), roaming the Old West. Slade was hired by individuals to track down criminals, return stolen money, and other similar duties. This series is unusual in that it featured a modern jazz score instead of the traditional Western-themed music that was the norm for Western television shows and movies. Another unusual quirk of this series, was Slade's weapon of choice. Instead of packing a six-gun, Slade carried a combination shotgun that has an upper and lower barrel.The lower barrel fired a 12-gauge shotgun shell, while the top barrel fired a .32 caliber rifle bullet. The idea was that this weapon gave Slade the ability to fire at close and distant targets with the same amount of accuracy. Shotgun Slade lasted only two seasons and in syndication and was on the air from 1959 - 1961. You'll enjoy these 16 new episodes of Shotgun Slade from The Nostalgia Merchant. Check back for the release date within a few days. You can also watch classic TV shows and movies FREE on this site.

Ripcord- Classic TV DVD -Nostalgia Merchant - Now Available

If you've been waiting for the release of the classic TV show Ripcord, announced earlier, it's available now. This collection includes 12 exciting action-packed episodes starring Ken Curtis and Larry Pennell. It comes packaged in a nice 4 - DVD set. Click Here to go directly to the right page, Or visit The Nostalgia Merchant, your source of rare classic movies and TV shows.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ripcord - Rare Classic TV shows

Remember Ripcord..? Not many people do. Ripcord starred Larry Pennell as Ted McKeever, and Ken Curtis as Jim Buckley - two sky diving crimefighters / rescue workers / free fall instructors. They run Ripcord, Inc, along with their pilot Charlie Kern (who replaced the original pilot Chuck Lambert). Together they find adventure behind every cloud. The youthful heroes of this series literally jumped into a new adventure every week. Ted and Jim ran Ripcord Inc., which taught skydiving and also hired out for rescues, recovery work, and other situations where parachutists were needed. Often they landed right in the middle of a crime in progress, and solved that too-- who would expect the good guys to come floating down out of the sky? Chuck was their original pilot, replaced midway through the first season by Charlie Kern.
The series featured a lot of spectacular skydiving scenes, including one involving a fistfight in midair (shot by a cameraman in free-fall with the stuntmen.) At one point, two planes accidentally crashed while filming scenes for the program. With a little script adjustment, the footage of the crash was later used in the series. We are now working on several episodes of this very rare 1950s classic tv show. Check The Nostalgia Merchant soon to purchase these episodes on DVD.