Friday, September 25, 2009

Charlie Chan - The New Adventures of Charlie Chan

New Release from The Nostalgia Merchant: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. The New Adventures of Charlie Chan was a syndicated television crime drama series made in 1957. The first five episodes were made by Vision Productions in the United States, before production switched to the United Kingdom under ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America.
The series, consisting of 39 half-hour monochrome episodes, followed the investigations of the fictional detective Charlie Chan, the famous Oriental detective, employed as a police inspector in Honolulu. Chan ventures across the globe to handle special assignments, often becoming involved in bafflingly difficult murder investigations. J. Carrol Nash starred as the master sleuth in this classic TV series. This is the complete collection of 39 episodes on 10 DVDs. Purchase in now from Amazon, or from The Nostalgia Merchant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Lucky Classic TV Show Collection

New Release from The Nostalgia Merchant: Mr. Lucky Classic TV Shows - John Vivyan starred in this series as the titular hero, the suave Mr. Lucky, whose full name was never revealed. Lucky was an adventurous, fun-loving gambler who ran a casino out of his yacht — the Fortuna II — which was kept floating in international waters to escape government oversight. Despite his disreputable interest, Lucky was for the most part, an honest, upstanding citizen. He just had a lot of friends who weren't. Ross Martin co-starred as Andamo, Lucky's friend. The two always managed to get themselves into — and out of — all manner of trouble.

This is a collection of 23 episodes of this
very rare TV classic. Order now from The Nostalgia Merchant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Corliss Archer Collection - Classic TV Shows

The Nostalgia Merchant has just released the most complete collection of Meet Corliss Archer classic TV shows ever produced. This awesome collection includes 37 episodes on 10 DVDs. As a bonus, Disc 10 has the Meet Corliss Archer Christmas Show, plus 3 other classic TV Christmas shows. This collection is priced at $36.95. All shows are excellent quality, many from 16 mm film. Check it out today at The Nostalgia Merchant.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Lum and Abner Movie Collection

Lum and Abner was one of the most popular radio shows of the 1930s. Created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff, their homespun, country humor made them as famous as Amos and Andy on the radio. This is the complete collection of Lum and Abner Movies plus an extremely rare TV Episode. Actually the TV episode was a pilot show that never made it on the air. Each movie was carefully transferred from 16 mm film. Our producers decided to put only one movie on each disc to keep the video quality at it's best. Excellent quality video and audio. The TV episode was transfered from Betacam SP format tape. For a list of titles, visit The Nostalgia Merchant.

Ken Murray's Hollywood

Ken Murray's Hollywood

Performer Ken Murray first arrived in Hollywood in 1927 a relative unknown from his then hometown of Kingston, New York. Instead of sending postcards of Hollywood back to his family, he instead purchased a 16mm camera, filmed Hollywood stars - many he didn't even know at the time - and sent the resulting film back to his family. This movie is a compilation of much of that footage taken over thirty-five years, plus some additional professional footage provided by his now Hollywood friends. The footage takes place on the street, on movie sets, and wherever Hollywood stars play and/or relax, including their homes. As a bonus we've included a rare Ken Murray TV show. Available from Nostalgia Merchant.

The Laurel and Hardy Collection - Nostalgia Merchant

Laurel and Hardy Collection

Now you can enjoy two of the zaniest characters ever to appear on the silver screen, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.We searched all over for the original Laurel & Hardy shorts released by The Nostalgia Merchant in the 1980s and finally found 10 volumes. These have been carefully transfered to DVD and they are excellent quality. You can purchase them as a set or buy them individually. This collection also includes two classic movies, Utopia and Flying Deuces. It comes in a 12 - DVD set in two volumes. Available from Nostalgia Merchant. You can also see a complete list of titles.

The Amos and Andy Collection - Classic TV Shows

The Nostalgia Merchant has announced a price reduction on their famous Amos and Andy classic TV show collection. This very nice set previously sold for $89.95 but is now available for $69.95. The Nostalgia Merchant has the most complete collection of Amos and Andy TV shows available on DVD. Visit the Nostalgia Merchant for more information. This price reduction comes just in time for fall and holiday shopping and it makes a wonderful gift for any classic TV show fan.

The Amos N’ Andy show ran on network television from June 1951 to June 1953 and then in reruns until 1963. It was finally pulled of the air after being blacklisted by the NAACP claiming it was demeaning to blacks. The truth is, Amos N’ Andy was no more demeaning to blacks than the Beverly Hillbillies was to southern whites. The Collection includes: 73 Episodes including the famous "lost episode," on 16 DVDs along with 2 cartoons and the movie Check and Double Check.

Bufallo Bill, Jr. Classic TV Show Collection

Now available on DVD from The Nostalgia Merchant, Buffallo Bill, Jr. classic TV show collection.

Buffalo Bill, Jr., his feisty kid sister, Calamity, and their adoptive father, Judge "Fair 'N' Square" Wiley, bring justice to the town of Wileyville, Texas in the late 1880s. "Buffalo Bill, Jr." ran on NBC TV from 1955-56, loosely mixing historical characters with rip-roaring western exploits. Star Dick Jones did his own spectacular stunts, from good old-fashioned fist fights to trick riding, usually on the first take, lending an air of authenticity to this action western flick! Buffalo Bill, Jr. aired in syndication from 1955 to 1956 for a total of 42 shows.

There are 16 action-packed tales in this collection. For a complete list of titles, visit The Nostalgia Merchant.

The Gale Storm Show - Oh Susanna - Classic TV

Now available on DVD, The Gale Storm Show - Oh Susanna! The Nostalgia Merchant has put together this extremely rare collection in honor of our special friend the beautiful Gale Storm. This show was not as popular as My Little Margie but I think it was her best TV show. Gale starred as Susanna Pomeroy the cruise director on the S.S. Ocean Queen that travels around the world. Stopping at many different ports means many new adventures and interesting characters in every show. Zasu Pitts co-stars as Nugie, Susanna's best friend. The Gale Storm Show, subtitled Oh Susanna, premiered on September 29, 1956 and ran until 1960 for 143 episodes. We have managed to salvage these 24 episodes from hundreds of damaged and poor quality prints. Gale, we miss you.

24 episodes on 6 DVDs in this collection.
BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED, Shrink wrapped and
ready for gift giving. For more information and titles CLICK HERE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pete and Gladys TV Shows Collection - Now Available

Finally, the Pete and Gladys Collection is available from The Nostalgia Merchant. This is a collection of 24 episodes, 16 mm film transfers, excellent quality, from a private collector. This beautiful set of these rare classic TV shows comes in a 6 DVD album with interactive menus. Pete and Gladys was a spinoff of December Bride and stars Harry Morgan and Cara Williams. We guarantee you'll love this collection.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shotgun Slade TV Shows now available

The Shotgun Slade collection of classic TV shows in now available from The Nostalgia Merchant. This collection includes 18 episodes on 4 high quality DVDs. These are full-length episodes with enhance audio and video. Excellent gift for that western TV fan. Complete information and a list of episodes is available from The Nostalgia Merchant, your source for Classic TV Shows and rare classic movies.

Pete and Gladys TV Shows Collection

The Nostalgia Merchant is now working on a Pete and Gladys collection of television shows. Pete and Gladys starred Harry Morgan and Cara Williams and was a spin-off of December Bride. We have had numerous request for episodes of this rare television classic. It's unknown how many episodes will be available at this time. Please check back often for updated information. We are currently working to enhance the video and especially the audio of episodes. A release date of mid June is expected. Visit The Nostalgia Merchant for hundreds of rare classic TV titles and rare classic movies.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Shotgun Slade Collection - Classic TV from Nostalgia Merchant

The Nostalgia Merchant is getting ready to release several new western TV collections including The Shotgun Slade Collection. This collection will include 16 full-length episodes starring Scott Brady as western freelance detective Sam "Shotgun" Slade (must've been a take off on Sam Spade), roaming the Old West. Slade was hired by individuals to track down criminals, return stolen money, and other similar duties. This series is unusual in that it featured a modern jazz score instead of the traditional Western-themed music that was the norm for Western television shows and movies. Another unusual quirk of this series, was Slade's weapon of choice. Instead of packing a six-gun, Slade carried a combination shotgun that has an upper and lower barrel.The lower barrel fired a 12-gauge shotgun shell, while the top barrel fired a .32 caliber rifle bullet. The idea was that this weapon gave Slade the ability to fire at close and distant targets with the same amount of accuracy. Shotgun Slade lasted only two seasons and in syndication and was on the air from 1959 - 1961. You'll enjoy these 16 new episodes of Shotgun Slade from The Nostalgia Merchant. Check back for the release date within a few days. You can also watch classic TV shows and movies FREE on this site.

Ripcord- Classic TV DVD -Nostalgia Merchant - Now Available

If you've been waiting for the release of the classic TV show Ripcord, announced earlier, it's available now. This collection includes 12 exciting action-packed episodes starring Ken Curtis and Larry Pennell. It comes packaged in a nice 4 - DVD set. Click Here to go directly to the right page, Or visit The Nostalgia Merchant, your source of rare classic movies and TV shows.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ripcord - Rare Classic TV shows

Remember Ripcord..? Not many people do. Ripcord starred Larry Pennell as Ted McKeever, and Ken Curtis as Jim Buckley - two sky diving crimefighters / rescue workers / free fall instructors. They run Ripcord, Inc, along with their pilot Charlie Kern (who replaced the original pilot Chuck Lambert). Together they find adventure behind every cloud. The youthful heroes of this series literally jumped into a new adventure every week. Ted and Jim ran Ripcord Inc., which taught skydiving and also hired out for rescues, recovery work, and other situations where parachutists were needed. Often they landed right in the middle of a crime in progress, and solved that too-- who would expect the good guys to come floating down out of the sky? Chuck was their original pilot, replaced midway through the first season by Charlie Kern.
The series featured a lot of spectacular skydiving scenes, including one involving a fistfight in midair (shot by a cameraman in free-fall with the stuntmen.) At one point, two planes accidentally crashed while filming scenes for the program. With a little script adjustment, the footage of the crash was later used in the series. We are now working on several episodes of this very rare 1950s classic tv show. Check The Nostalgia Merchant soon to purchase these episodes on DVD.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The December Bride Collection

We finally finished our December Bride Collection. Acceptable prints of December Bride are extremely rare so we were pleased to recently find a few more episodes to put together a collection of these rare shows. Actually we uncovered close to a hundred episodes of December Bride, but again, the majority of them were not salvageable. The December Bride Collection includes 24 full length episodes, some have original network commercials. Shop The Nostalgia Merchant for this collection.
PLEASE NOTE: These December Bride television shows have been carefully selected from archival films.
State of the art technology has been used to present the highest quality production. Good quality masters are very hard to acquire. Therefore slight imperfections in image and sound are unavoidable.