Friday, September 25, 2009

Charlie Chan - The New Adventures of Charlie Chan

New Release from The Nostalgia Merchant: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. The New Adventures of Charlie Chan was a syndicated television crime drama series made in 1957. The first five episodes were made by Vision Productions in the United States, before production switched to the United Kingdom under ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America.
The series, consisting of 39 half-hour monochrome episodes, followed the investigations of the fictional detective Charlie Chan, the famous Oriental detective, employed as a police inspector in Honolulu. Chan ventures across the globe to handle special assignments, often becoming involved in bafflingly difficult murder investigations. J. Carrol Nash starred as the master sleuth in this classic TV series. This is the complete collection of 39 episodes on 10 DVDs. Purchase in now from Amazon, or from The Nostalgia Merchant.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Lucky Classic TV Show Collection

New Release from The Nostalgia Merchant: Mr. Lucky Classic TV Shows - John Vivyan starred in this series as the titular hero, the suave Mr. Lucky, whose full name was never revealed. Lucky was an adventurous, fun-loving gambler who ran a casino out of his yacht — the Fortuna II — which was kept floating in international waters to escape government oversight. Despite his disreputable interest, Lucky was for the most part, an honest, upstanding citizen. He just had a lot of friends who weren't. Ross Martin co-starred as Andamo, Lucky's friend. The two always managed to get themselves into — and out of — all manner of trouble.

This is a collection of 23 episodes of this
very rare TV classic. Order now from The Nostalgia Merchant.