Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Miss Polly starring Zasu Pitts

Miss Polly

Miss Polly is about a small-town matchmaker takes on the local snobs in this zany farce from Hal Roach Studios. Two great comic performers, ZaSu Pitts and Slim Summerville, headline this forgotten laugher about a town where there hasn't been a marriage in two years. Director Fred Guiol cut his teeth on Laurel and Hardy comedies, so you know this one will bring you a smile! This is a wonderful glimpse of small town America in the early 1940s when America was a great country.  1941- BW - 45 Minutes.
Although I'm not a fan of THE FILM DETECTIVE, this is a great copy of this rare film. This company claims to restore films, but in most cases the "restored versions" are worse than the originals. Case in point is their release of Here's Flash Casey, a very poorly done copy of this great old film.
Other Zasu Pitts movies you might enjoy include: So's Your Aunt Emma (1942),  The Crooked Circle (1932)

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